October 30th | Plenary, KAICC

Return to prosperity: Can a new global investment environment put Brazil back in business?

​​​Why now? The economy of Brazil has long been held back by policies that enabled stagnation, low productivity, and lower competitiveness. The economic task of Brazil’s new government is to address the fiscal deficit caused by excessive public expenditures and unleash powerful market forces to drive economic growth. Urgent questions? During this time of political transformation, what specific measures are underway to address Brazil’s social and economic challenges? Given reforms, what are the economic prospects for Brazil in 2020 and beyond? How can economic liberalization, deregulation, tax reform, and open trade policies reverse the financial course of the nation and the region? What are the prospects for international firms doing business in Brazil? Key takeaways? Exploration into Brazil’s economic and political forecast and the implications for global trade, commodities, tourism, and the wider global economy.​​

Moderator: Lubna Olayan, Chair of the Executive Committee, Olayan Financing Company, KSA​

  • H.E. Jair Bolsonaro, President, Brazil​